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Standard Size Orders
Pounds Count Price
1 1000 $30.60
2 2000 $52.51
3 3000 $66.51
5 5000 $94.16
10 10,000 $179.95
25 50,000 $425.00
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We pull a solid mass of worms from our worm beds, then separate the worms from the bedding in order to weigh them. We then add dry bedding during hot and cold months to ensure live delivery. Water will need to be added to the worms once you receive them. They may seem deyhydrated but they will rebound nicely with water. See Worm Care Instructions for more information.

Redworm orders shipped to midwest states (IA, IL, IN, OH, MO, WI, MI, MN, ND, SD) are shipped Wednesdays via Spee-Dee Delivery. Orders shipped to other states are shipped Tuesday and Saturday via U.S. Priority mail.

If you would like other shipping methods or arrangements please call us at 608-647-2008 or email us.

Dry Organic Redworm Castings

Each pound of castings can make 6 to 12 gallons of worm-tea fertilizer.
Standard Size Orders
Pounds Price
5 $25.00
10 $34.80

Children's Worm Farm

Children's Worm Farm

Worm farming can be a fun way to learn about worms and the environment. The Children's Worm Farm consists of a plastic viewing tray, children's worm care instruction booklet, worm bedding, and one pound of redworms. $38.50